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The Year Without a Summer (2023)

The Year Without a Summer

MMXXIII   •   Perpetual Famine I

"The Year Without a Summer" is the first chapter in a triology entitled "Perpetual Famine". Themed on the year 1816, this album focusses on the hardships of a volcanic winter brought by the eruption of Mount Tambora - the deadliest volcanic activity in recorded history. Crops died from summery frost, society became restless with food shortages and small epidemics broke out amongst the feeble.

I. Under the Red Sun 7:48
II. The Blighted 6:03
III. Roots Encased in Frost 4:56
IV. Acidic Monsoons 7:31
V. Bread or Blood 7:09
VII. In Search of New Soils 6:59

KRIS MAYERS • Vocals, guitars, bass




SEAN BOVA • Artwork

Hailing from HIGH PEAK in the UK.

Taking up a name inspired by a fallen Mercian king, Eowa is a project formed in 2022 by Stockport-born musician Kris Mayers. He handles all song writing duties as well as vocals, guitars and bass.

Drawing influence from various black, death and doom metal bands, Eowa tells tales of the dread humanity has endured throughout its history. Sometimes it’s merely the unstoppable force of nature, but other times there is a lesson to be learned from the past.

Currently, Eowa is an independent project with no contractual obligations. There are also plans to bring Eowa to the live stage as soon as it's possible to do so.

If you would like to get in touch regarding business, collaborations, or to simply just chat then please use the contact button below or by directly messaging via any social media channel.